RIP – Hans Rosling, The man who made statistics sing!

It is with heavy hearts that we learn of the passing of Professor Hans Rosling. The Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, was perhaps best known for his work through the GapMinder foundation and its famous GapMinder world which brought (and explained) complex global health statistics to new audiences. See below his famous TED talk from 2006. I’f you’ve not yet seen this you really need to click below!

Professor Rosling was a true believer in the use of facts to help move the world forward and the value of evidence to dispel myths. This link takes you to a short film from last year looking at understanding the West African Ebola Outbreak.

Whilst ensuring all his work was firmly grounded in a fact-based world approach, Professor Rosling understood that to really communicate ideas and change the world it was just as important to entertain your audience and was famous not just for explaining his complex data well but also for Sword Swallowing (8:14 mins). Global health will surely miss him.