Public health in a cold climate: Melting hearts and minds with evidence – UK Faculty of Public Health Annual Conference

14-15 June 2016, Brighton

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing will be heading to the south coast in 2016 for its annual conference. ‘Public health in a cold climate: melting hearts and minds with evidence’ will be held on 14-15 June at the Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

Globally a chill economic wind continues to blow. So, as a public health community, we have an ever greater responsibility to implement the systems, policies and services that are as cost-effective and efficient as possible. The 2016 conference in Brighton is the opportunity for the UK public health community to share the latest evidence, explore new ideas and ensure that current practice is the most effective we can deliver.

The conference will bring together ideas, innovative practice and learning from across the full range of public health, from protecting against infection and environmental hazards, to improving care delivery, from new screening programmes to improving health in the populations served. Evidence supports all parts of public health – come and share it in Brighton.

Emerging conference themes include:

  • Mental health
  • Developing a local authority model for public health
  • Putting evidence into practice
  • Continuing with the FPH manifesto Start Well, Live Better

The Royal College of Nursing’s expertise in public health nursing will be an intergral part of the conference programme. Some of the sessions included in the programme are principles of nursing aligned to public health as well as health protection and immunisation.

Conference programme