Preparing society to create the world we need through ‘One Health’ education!

OHC-OHITwo leading international One Health groups, the One Health Commission and the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro-bono Team are partnering to help create and promote a comprehensive global education revolution that supports curriculum innovation on the unifying interconnected health of humans, animals, and the environment that sustains all life on earth.

A Concept paper titled ‘Preparing society to create the world we need through ‘One Health’ education has been released calling for interested parties to step forward to help with planning. The One Health concept encompasses a wide range of global public health and comparative medicine endeavors.

Dr. George Lueddeke, one of the “One Health” educational project leaders and author of a new One Health oriented book on global population health and well-being, said that, “In keeping with the UN 2030 global Agenda for Sustainability, there is an urgent need for collective action by policy-makers, public / private educators, and health professionals to provide global ONE HEALTH learning opportunities across the education spectrum.”

We must give younger generations in both low and high income nations “a better deal” for helping to shape a sustainable world, one that is being tested severely by a threatened environment, conflicts, inequities, poverty, ideological extremes, and consumerism. Time is running short. As one example, data from the Living Planet Index (2014) should “make us stop and think”: “in less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species have dropped by half. These are the living forms that constitute the fabric of the ecosystems which sustain life on earth and the barometer of what we are doing to our planet, our only home.”

A small pre-project proposal conference is being organized with a goal of achieving consensus on a strong plan to fund the envisioned global learning program. The longer term aim is to establish a multi-dimensional coordinating mechanism to define project parameters, encourage project proposals, prioritize and allocate funding for One Health themed curriculum development projects at local, national and regional levels and evaluate outcomes worldwide.

Through the Ministerial statement from the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting in May 2016 Commonwealth health ministers noted the ‘One Health’ approach to promote sustainable well-being for all and welcomed the use of multi-risk assessment, multi-sectoral and multi-national policy responses to address climate change, control infectious diseases, as well as enable sustainable policy that benefits social, environmental and economic well-being, in particular for the 31 Commonwealth small state members. Sustainable financing, including adaptation funds, were recognised as key to addressing the impacts of climate change on health.

Contacts for Media, Interested Project Planning Participants, Individuals and/or Organizations:
George Lueddeke, PhD, Chair, One Health Education Task Force Tel: (+44) 023 8042 8966 Mob.: (+44) 7538 162191
Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD, Executive Director, One Health Commission Tel: (+1) 919- 800-8886