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Join The Commonwealth Health  Hub mailing list and Connect with the Community of Practice

Joining the Community is free, voluntary and open to health  policy-makers and professionals from the Commonwealth who are interested in contributing advice, experience and expertise that others can use or adapt. To join, please complete the Sign Up form. You will receive a welcome message containing basic information on the Community and tips on how to effectively participate.

Rules of Membership and Participation

The Community of Practice is part of The Commonwealth Health Hub, and is moderated by a professional two-person Facilitation Team employed by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Before becoming a member, participants must agree to a Membership Agreement to ensure that the Health Hub and Community of Practice continues to provide a positive and constructive service to all its members. The box indicating you accept the Membership Agreement must be checked before submitting the mailing list sign-up form.

Staying Connected

Interaction between Community members is actively promoted to foster familiarity and trust and to strengthen Community identity. The Facilitation Team provides regular updates by email and on the website. Members are also invited to post announcements of interest to members on the home page, including events and awards, publications, and partnership or training opportunities.