Policy toolkits

The Health section at the Commonwealth Secretariat and partners are developing a series of Health Policy Toolkits to support countries to implement the Systems Framework for Healthy Policy.

The first of these toolkits to be completed is the Health Protection Policy Toolkit this is intended to provide a comprehensive and practical resource for policy makers and planners responsible for strengthening regional, subnational, national and global health protection as part of an overall health system. It is based on the Systems Framework for Healthy Policy endorsed by the Commonwealth Secretariat and is presented as a suggested framework for use across the 52 member countries, to be tailored to needs identified in-country, enabling and empowering them to coordinate and organise their own health protection services.

The Health Protection Policy toolkit was developed in partnership with Public Health Wales NHS trust


Further toolkits are expected to be completed for the Promotion, People and Capacity components of the SFHP. These will be made available on the health hub as they are completed.