Pacific Nutrition Bingo released!

The Pacific Community (SPC) has released its latest version of Pacific Nutrition Bingo, a fun educational tool to promote healthy eating and combat the serious threat of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the region.

Released in the lead up to World Diabetes Day (14 November), Pacific Nutrition Bingo actively promotes healthy foods and eating habits, and educates players about the concept and functions of three food groups, namely: protective, body building and energy foods.

The Nutrition Bingo game targets school children but is suitable for people of all ages and can be enjoyed by large groups or only a few people.

The Pacific Islands region has among the highest rates of diabetes and obesity in the world.  The extent of these and other NCDs is viewed as a human, social and economic crisis in the region.

“The promotion of a healthy, balanced diet is a major focus for prevention and control of NCDs,” the Director of SPC’s Public Health Division, Dr Paula Vivili, said. He added that the adoption of eating behaviours favourable to health from an early age is essential to prevent childhood obesity, and help reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life. He elaborated that Pacific Nutrition Bingo is a fantastic concept that lends support to the health promotion in schools initiative in the Pacific. Language isn’t a problem as it can easily be played using pictures as a guide and it’s a fun and enjoyable way to teach good nutrition.

Click here to find the nutrition game set online.