Knowledge centre

Welcome to the Commonwealth Health Hub’s knowledge centre.

The knowledge centre contains content and signposting to topics and issues relevant to health and well-being across the commonwealth.

The hub’s community of practice holds regular ‘Community eDiscussions’ connecting to over 700 health policymakers and professionals from across 52 Commonwealth countries through the email-based network at the heart of the Hub.

Community eDiscussions

The knowledge centre will also be the home for an online version of the Commonwealth’s Systems Framework for Healthy Policy which provides a high-level comprehensive overview of public health system strengthening structured around eight components. This online version of the framework is in the process of development with new pages and links regularly added. If you have suggestions of work you would like linked to any of the component areas please get in contact with the health hub.

Systems Framework for Healthy Policy

Systems framework

Policy Toolkits

The Health section at the Commonwealth Secretariat and partners are developing a series of Health Policy Toolkits to support countries to implement the Systems Framework for Healthy Policy.

Policy Briefs

A series of Policy briefs are being prepared looking at key health and well-being topics for Commonwealth countries providing easily accessible information for policy makers and planners.

The knowledge centre will also host standalone content pages which signpost to specific topic areas. These pages are the process of development with new pages and links due to be added regularly.

Values Based Investment

Commonwealth code of practice and companion document.

The added value of Health and Education at the Commonwealth: A short briefing detailing where health and education in the Commonwealth add global value by providing a low cost catalyst for Development, Democracy and Diversity

If you have topics you would like to see added as content pages please email the health hub team