Diagnostics and the Developing World – 23rd to 24th Jan

‘This free event brings together clinicians, academics, epidemiologists, engineers and key stakeholders who have a keen interest in the area of diagnostics for the developing world. The gathering will have a strong focus on collaboration and networking with partners from the developing world and the UK, in order to tackle the key challenges being faced, such as the slow pace of diagnostic development, regulatory approval and technology adoption bottlenecks.’

The DDW conference is jointly organised by i-sense, Brunel University, UCL, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, St. George’s University of London and eSTI2.

For event contact information, please contact Kailey Nolan at k.nolan@ucl.ac.uk. More details and the registration link can be found at ddwconference.com, and a flyer for the event is available here.