Digital Health – 24th triennial Commonwealth Medical Association conference opens in Colombo, Sri Lanka


The 24th triennial Commonwealth Medical Association conference has opened in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The conference is on the theme of digital health. In the words of the newly elected CMA president Professor Vajira Dissanayake ‘ We are living in a globalised world where digital health is transforming healthcare and making it possible for healthcare to be delivered in a more efficient and productive manner rationally especially in the developing world where there is a large gap between the optimal recommended and actual health workforce on the ground’


The opening plenary symposium on ‘Digital health for health and wellbeing’ was opened in a suitably digital manner with an address from Vinton Cerf – father of the internet – outlining how and why technological tipping points occur and where health currently sits on this journey.


The conference inauguration ceremony was last night where the Colombo Declaration was presented by the Government of Sri Lanka.