Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance (CHPA)

The Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance (CHPA) is an alliance of Commonwealth health professional associations. Members of the CHPA consider that by working together they can more efficiently and effectively represent and support health professionals in Commonwealth countries and promote high standards of care and equity in access to care for Commonwealth peoples.

The CHPA believe that by working together they can be more influential in advocating on behalf of Commonwealth health professionals and Commonwealth peoples in Commonwealth forums, including meetings of the Commonwealth Heads of Government and Commonwealth health, finance, education and women’s affairs government ministers.

Targets in reducing maternal and infant mortality are not being met; HIV, AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are still not under control in many countries; lifestyle diseases such as cardiac disease, diabetes and dental caries which can largely be prevented are costing health systems millions of dollars each year; too many children are dying from malnutrition; and there are emerging issues such as the health effects of climate change.

Additionally, there is a world-wide shortage of health professionals and unless countries start training and recruiting more people into the health workforce and improving conditions so they are retained, the health problems facing the people of Commonwealth countries will not improve.

The CHPA hold an annual Commonwealth Civil Society Forum each May prior to the World Health Assembly in conjunction with the  Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting (CHMM). The next Commonwealth Civil Society Forum will be held in May 2017 prior to the next CHMM.

Commonwealth civil society forum meetings