Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting 2017 – meeting papers

This page is a respository for the key documents from the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting held on the 21st of May 2017

The docuemnts are organised by the three strands of the 2017 theme, with furtehr documents listed below. Each document is available to download by clicking on the relevant link

  1. Sustainable financing for UHC

    a. Financing Health and Education – A policy brief
    b. The Case for Investing in Health
    c. Achieving Sustainable Universal Health Coverage (UHC): A Resource Planning Toolkit
    d. Avoidable blindness – policy brief

  2. Global security

    a. Health Protection Policy Toolkit 2nd ed: Health as an Essential Component of Global Security
    b. The Role of Health in Contributing to Global Security – policy brief
    c. Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) – policy brief
    d. Digital health systems strengthening

  3. Preventing all forms of violence

    a. Preventing All Forms of Violence: A Public Health Plan for Action
    b. Summary: ‘Preventing all Forms of Violence: A Public Health Plan for Action
    c. Resilience, Risk, Rehabilitation – policy brief
    d. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – policy brief

Other documentation

4. CHMM 2016 report
5. CHMM statement 2016
6. Colombo declaration
7. Colombo plan for collaborative action
8. Agenda
9. Programme