Areas for Commonwealth Collaborative Action to Strengthen Global Health Security

Prior to the health security experts panel (click HERE for more information), the Commonwealth Secretariat hosted a Health Protection Policy Experts meeting at Marlborough House. The areas identified by the expert group for Commonwealth collaborative action to strengthen Global Health Security included the following:

1. Case for investment on Health Security
2. Risk assessment/ Scenarios
3. Advocacy on AMR and links to the UN resolution and Global Health Security Agenda
4. One-Health initiative
5. Health Security as a bridge to peace and stability as part of the Commonwealth Secretariat cross-sector approach.
6. Strengthening governance through legislation and policy by providing policy tools.
7. Forge networks, peer-peer learning, develop leadership and aid workforce capacity.
8. Capacity for policy leadership and skill development of senior officials in developing and implementing policy for health security (e.g. working with the UN University)