The added value of Health and Education at the Commonwealth

Health and Education have a long history at the Commonwealth Secretariat dating back to the first ministerial meetings on health in Edinburgh in 1965 and Oxford in 1959 respectively. The focus of the work of these two foundational components of social development have changed in response to the shifting challenges and opportunities in global health and education over the last half century.

Today the Secretariat’s health and education functions are coordinated by the Health and Education Unit (HEU), of which this health hub is a key part. The Commonwealth Secretariat is a relatively small organisation so the question is often asked, ‘What does it do to advance health and education across the 52 member states and beyond?’.

To help respond to this HEU have developed a short briefing detailing where health and education in the Commonwealth add global value by providing a low cost catalyst for Development, Democracy and Diversity:

Advocacy: Through Ministerial meetings: The Commonwealth Health and Education Ministerial meetings and unique convening power, provide global advocacy and influence on the other key international organisations.

Governance: The Commonwealth’s health and education policy frameworks promote good governance and accountable, co-ordinated systems that are sustainably financed for long-term solutions that enable self-sufficiency and the efficient delivery of vertical programmes and services.

Innovation policy hubs: The Commonwealth’s health and education policy hubs, expert meetings, networks, and think tanks, enable the sharing of good practice and innovative solutions to scale up practice and research into policy.

Scaling up capacity: through collaborative partnerships and activities to build a workforce able to deliver sustainable development.

The full document is available to download below. if you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact the health hub.