Join The Commonwealth Health Hub and Community of Practice

Joining The Commonwealth Health Hub and Community of Practice

Joining the Community is free, voluntary and open to health policy-makers and professionals from the Commonwealth who are interested in contributing advice, experience and expertise that others can use or adapt.  To join, please complete the Sign Up form. The Community’s Facilitator will then contact you to learn more about your interests and explain how you could benefit from membership. After this the Facilitator will subscribe you to the Community’s mailgroup and send you a welcome message containing the basic information and tips on how to participate effectively.

Rules of Membership and Participation

The Health Community of Practice, which is part of The Commonwealth Health Hub, is moderated by a professional two-person Facilitation Team employed by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Before becoming a member, participants must agree to a Membership Agreement to ensure that the Health Hub and Community of Practice continues to provide a positive and constructive service to all its members. The box indicating you accept the Membership Agreement must be checked before submitting the Sign-Up form.

The Membership Agreement consists of the following eight basic rules that all members adhere to:

  1. Members contribute to share perspectives, advice, experience and expertise relating to development challenges and not for promoting or advocating particular political positions.
  2. The Health Community of Practice is a network of professional peers and not an organisation. Therefore, messages posted represent members’ personal views and not positions of their agencies.
  3. Contributions should be provided in a positive and constructive manner, and not intentionally defame or discredit the views of another individual or group.
  4. Contributions to the mailgroup become public property and are freely available for others to cite or use as they choose, although members are encouraged to acknowledge the original contributor as a courtesy.
  5. Attachments or citations offered with these contributions retain the permissions associated with the material unless they are archived in the Health Hub repository, where they acquire the rights associated with the material as indicated in the Membership Agreement under the section on Terms and Conditions for Membership.
  6. To ensure adherence to the above rules, the moderator first receives messages sent to the mailgroup, and is responsible for reviewing and approving messages for posting and thereby reserves the right to edit and/or withhold messages found inappropriate for posting. However prior to heavily editing or withholding a message, the moderator will notify and/or consult the sender.
  7. In posting edited and unedited messages or incorporating the messages into synthesised responses, the Commonwealth Secretariat accepts no responsibility for their veracity or authenticity. Members intending to use or transmit the information contained in these messages should be aware that they are relying on their own judgment.
  8. Users also agree to adhere to the legal terms and conditions associated with using these mailgroup forums, the Commonwealth Health Hub website and material contained therein as spelled out in the Membership Agreement. Users are also encouraged to view the section on Privacy Policy, describing how the information that you provide to the mailgroup forums or websites are used.

Creative Commons – Intellectual Property License

Posting ideas, examples and solutions on a space sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat brings them into the public domain. In order to ensure that contributors are sufficiently recognized for their ideas and innovations, The Commonwealth Health Hub has followed a “Creative Commons” license. Creative Commons offers a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists, building upon the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright to create a voluntary “some rights reserved” copyright. This form of licensing, used by “Open Content” advocates worldwide, allows authors and artists to determine the terms and conditions for sharing their intellectual property. For more information on the Creative Commons concept, visit their site at

The Creative Commons license for the Commonwealth Health Hub is “Attribution-Non Commercial-Share-Alike” (CC-BY-NC-SA). This license lets others build upon your work, except for commercial reasons, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. All new works based on yours will carry the same license. This simply means that if you got an idea or material from the Commonwealth Health Hub and its Community of Practice, you should give the Commonwealth Health Hub and the original contributor credit, and if you further develop this idea or material you should return the favor and post it on the Hub’s Community of Practice as well. “Non commercial” means that you can use the work for non-profit purposes only, unless you get permission from the Commonwealth Health Hub and the original contributor.

An Open Content model means that instead of profiting from the sale of your work, you profit from the fact that your name stays associated with the work. An Open Content approach is also in keeping with the spirit of the Commonwealth Health Hub – by sharing rather than protecting your intellectual property, you are widening the field of professional peers who give recognition to your ideas, thereby enhancing your status and reputation.

Staying Connected

Interaction between members of the Community to promote familiarity and trust and strengthen Community identity is actively promoted. The main ways the Facilitation Team does this are through regular updates by email and on the website. Members are invited to post announcements of interest to members on the Community’s home page events and awards, publishing, partnering or training opportunities, job openings, reading of interest and updates to profiles.

How to Unsubscribe?

To cancel membership to the Community, email a request to the Community Facilitator at to unsubscribe.