About The Commonwealth Health Hub

The Commonwealth Health Hub is a pilot initiative of the Commonwealth Secretariat to support the community of health professionals and policy-makers who are dedicated to improving the situation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), in particular Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Commonwealth countries.   The support is provided through four key services (CONNECTION, CONSULTATION, COLLABORATION, and COLLECTION) available through the Service Centre on this website.

Through these services, members can connect to discuss timely and critical issues, share solutions and lessons learnt, find information on latest developments and events, identify expertise and explore potential partnerships, initiate or join existing collaborations, and access documented knowledge such as good practices and recommended tools.

How It Works

The Commonwealth Health Hub has two main features that together offer members access to an array of knowledge services.

  • The first feature is the Community of Practice, which is a moderated virtual peer-to-peer network that Commonwealth health professionals can join as members by subscribing to a moderated mailgroup.  Participation is via email and members can request or share good practices, comparative experience and lessons learnt, seek expertise, as well as initiate or participate in discussions to share views and opinions on current issues and debates.   The Community of Practice is actively moderated by a two-person Facilitation Team with health experience and expertise, and can provide desk research support.
  • The second feature of The Commonwealth Health Hub is this website, which serves as the virtual home and online presence for the Community of Practice and contains information, documented knowledge and other curated resources that are relevant to health professionals across the Commonwealth.

Areas of Focus

The areas of focus are on issues that are critical for a high performing health system.  These include, inter alia, universal health coverage (UHC) and in particular non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The Community of Practice, which is at the heart of The Commonwealth Health Hub,  will also serve as a space to keep participants of the annual Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM) connected between meetings and continue conversations beyond them, therefore issues discussed by the Community will also reflect and align with past and upcoming CHMM priorities.

Services to Members

Members of the Commonwealth Health Hub have access to the following four core services:

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Connection Service: The Hub connects over 750 health policymakers and professionals from across 53 Commonwealth countries through the Community of Practice, which is an email-based network. In addition to being connected virtually, members also have the opportunity to interact face-to-face during periodic meetings organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Consultation Service: Once connected through the Community mailgroup, members can query their peers for recommended knowledge resources, best practices, comment on draft research or policy papers, programmes and projects, and participate in virtual discussions or debates in a brainstorming format to identify insights and issues.  Results of the query or contributions to discussions are then synthesized by the Facilitation Team, with supplementary desk research, into a knowledge product called “Discussion Summary” that is searchable and accessible through the Community Discussion page on the Hub website.

Collection Service: Through this website, the Hub offers access to a curated collection of digital knowledge resources that include good practices, select publications, research, tools and guides, special reports, country health profiles, as well as the “Discussion Summary,” which is a product of the Community of Practice.

Collaboration Service:  The Hub supports collaboration by sharing information, connecting people, commissioning special joint initiatives, and offering the tool for team collaborations.  This service will be available to members who wish to form smaller groups to collaborate on joint initiatives; it provides access to a secure online team workspace through the Commonwealth Secretariat’s “Commonwealth Connects” platform. The password protected space will allow group members to store and edit version-controlled documents as well as use other collaborative tools such as whiteboards, discussion boards, calendars, and member profiles.

In addition to the above, members will also be able to access the health hub’s expert referral service once the roster is rolled out.


Who Should Join

Membership to the Health Hub and Community of Practice is open to Commonwealth health professionals from government, research and academic institutions, foundations, bilateral, multilateral and inter-governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and advocacy groups, private sector, and groups representing health administrators and teachers.

How to Join

To join The Commonwealth Health  Hub and Community of Practice, sign up here, or for more information contact the Facilitation Team at healthhub@commonwealth.int.

Download the Health Hub leaflet: Health Hub Leaflet